Purple Poop

You’re in the bathroom, closed with a normal, everyday occurrence. On a whim you decide to look down, and … wait what? Purple poop? Before you panic around the house or go on a frantic search online to see what is wrong with you, remember that there may be some very simple reasons for such a colorful event.

Normal human faeces semi-solid and brown each variant. This is achieved by a combination of scrap, bilirubin and bile from the liver of the red blood cells died. But the saying is true in the sense that you are what you eat. The food that we eat a very real and important role in .. can be good, the color of our shit. Lila is no exception. Often referred to as a color or dye in soda, candy, chewing gum, frosting for cakes and the like, among other products, dyes, a normal and accepted part of many foods we eat.

The appropriate color detail natural variations in color to color the product more attractive, or otherwise used colorless products can be improved. Many children are far less enthusiastic about a gray candy as a light purple, of course! After ingestion of a significant amount of purple food, you can use the chair with a similar color not worry too much data.

Consumption of beets and beet vegetables can pump another reason for his purple. A State which beeturia known, it is usually with pink or red urine was connected after eating beets. But for some people it may manifest as pink, red or purple stools. Tubes containing a large amount betalaine pigments are effective antioxidants in the leaves, stems and roots found some plants.

Some people have a higher concentration of oxalic acid in the gut, which is less processed betalaine pigments during digestion, so urine or feces. The extent of it, as it appears primarily depends on several factors, including planting and harvest times of the beets, the diversity, the way they are ready to eat, and bowel function humans to eat.

In rare cases, the cause of the disorder known as porphyria are purple poop. The name is of Greek origin meaning purple pigment. People who suffer from porphyria may exhibit sensitivity to light, and their urine and feces occasionally show dark red or purple color when exposed to sunlight. This strange phenomenon is known as the creation of werewolf and vampire legends attributed to the ancient civilizations, as some people suffer from porphyria behave strangely when exposed to sunlight.

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